Confessions of a TV Addict

10/27/2012 00:45


Hello kiddies. Patty The Black Cat here. Been watching the old boob tube. There sure are some weird reality shows on right now. How about The Hutterites? Checked out that show? If you like sheep and women churning butter it’s a good show. The women on the show are fighting for their independence and the bearded, jaw poppers won’t let them do nuttin’.  It’s a winner. Makes you glad you went to college and didn’t marry your first cousin.


Another interesting show is American Gypsies. Seen that show? Talk about weird. Its like this tribe of gypsies stuck in Manhattan that have their own psychic shop and still do weird rituals from Hungary or Bulgaria or whatever country they came from. You don’t want to cross one of these species, they might put the hallaballoo on you or turn you into a frog or something weird like that. They are pretty scary.


I’ve been busy writing some of my books. I’ve now got a Patty the Black Cat Series of books with simple and cute illustrations for kids.....It's fun to make books!!!!!


Other than watching TV and writing books I have been pretty mellow, taking lots of naps at home and relaxing around the house. I am also writing a new novel so that keeps my mind occupied as I try to create the characters in the book. Social media also takes up a lot of my life. I am on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and who knows what else. I am all social media’d out. I need a nap!!! So chill out my friends and go watch some TV and eat a big bag of Lays potato chips. Lays. Do I get paid to advertise them? Am I not cuter than the Green Geico Gecko? I need a sponsor! Take care my friend, thanks for stopping by. Hope your world is good, if it’s not, make it work for you. You are special my friend.