TV Addict

07/01/2012 13:12

TV Shows
2012...This is it folks, the end of humanity...Thats what the Mayans have predicted. Best to get all your bargain shopping in now. Want that flat screen TV? Grab it and haul it home!!! been meaning to reconnect with that long lost love on Facebook? Start liking his stuff......Like! Like! Like! maybe they will notice and have coffee with you because you are so into their posts..... (Bear in mind this is advice from a cat so.....You know what I'm sayin....) I think it would be very interesting if the world ended for us survivors...See that movie with Will smith The Legend? Its a cool move where he is like the last remaining dude in New york City and he he has to fight off these aliens.....He has a friend that is his dog but the aliens kill the dog...its so sad and scary!!!!!!! I like Will Smith, you expect him to start rapping any second throughout the film. He was cool in Men In black too...That was a cool movie, men In Black, where they zap unsuspecting people removing their memories.... So, heres what you all have been waiting for, my 2012 predictions: 1) Kim Kardashian becomes a single mother... 2)Joe Paterno commits suicide.... 3) Elton John adopts another baby.......... 4) Prince William is caught cheating with a sexy blonde named Pussy Whip.... 5) Cats rule the world...... 6)HBO does a reality show on a terrorist family in Yemen.... 7)TMZ catches Demi Moore eating a double fudge sundae.... 8)Some remote scientist in China reveals the cure for cancer.... 9)A strong earthquake rocks Los Angeles, sending the stars crying to their dressing rooms...... 10) The world ends......Don't worry, we're all in it together..... Every day I watch The Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee. Them gals sure can talk up a storm, blah, blah, blah..... I mostly watch for the fashion tips and the cooking tips. How is it that every chef on there does the same thing with the garlic and the olive oil??? A little fennel, a little parsely. Do people really eat like this? Once in awhile I like something to spice up my shrimp, you know, us cats love shrimp.....If I get called to do one of my recipes on The Today Show I had better be prepared....Think i'll do my trout almondine in white wine sauce...Hold the garlic and the olive oil....Its tough to eat well in this economy, most days I find myself at Mc Donalds or Wendys getting some .99 cents meal, like the new chicken ceaser wrap at Wendys, good stuff or a crispy chicken sandwhich .....Thats my speed. I don't know who all these gourmet cooks are on TV but I doubt thats how America eats. Ask Michelle Obama, she knows.....Remember how like in school they would try to get you to eat better? Give you a carton of milk and an orange?/ Please....I'd rather chase down a blue jay any day.....I do love to eat though, I live for it.....I hate yogurt. Don't try to tempt me with Danon Greek or weird strawberry cheesecake flavors, i will not eat it!!!!!!!!!!! Love that commerical where everyone brings the beautiful hostess gifts like expensive champagne and chocolates and shes says, "Ooh the best in the world." then the Greek guy brings her some yogurt and she's' like, "What the heck is this?" hahahahahaha...Oikos!!!!!! Been hangin out in front of the boob tube some more. What happened to those great old shows like All In the Family and The Jeffersons? Movin on up weezie!!!!! I loved those old shows. I guess they are in rerun heaven now..... Today we watched House Hunters International. Some couple was looking for a pad in Glascow, Scotland, wouldn't give you a dime for it. If it doesn't have a jacuzzi then I am not buyin it. Don't these people realize that they could come to America and buy a nice big house for the same money??? Also been watchin Housevives of New York. What a bunch of skanky broads! They're in each others faces all the time, spending unbeleiveable amounts of cash on crap and look like they all need a major surgical do over!!!!! And none of them have a black cat!! Again, another missed opportunity for me to be a star! Watched another catty episode of Basketball Wives last night.....There's a show I would like to be on!!! Black women discussing their woes of too much shopping, too much eating, too much partying on their ex-basketball husbands fortunes!!! Note ******** NONE, I say, NONE opf these woman even own a black cat such as myself!! Their lives would be a whole lot better and more fulfilling if at least one of them owned a little pussy cat like me to take care of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would eat tuna filet mignon, I would shop in Miami Beach at all the trendy stores and go clubbing at night with the best of them. And then, all the men would notice these lovely chicks because now they have a Black Cat! Not just any black cat, but moi, Patty The Black Cat. Bring on the networks!!!!!!!!!!! These women are so unhappy because they have no pets! Its really obvious...........Small dogs are so passe. My news: Went to the store for my dang crackies....The price of crackies has gone up!!! Whats cat got to do these days to eat? Found something called Beyond One, salmon flavor in a box. Looks damn good to me!!!! I used to eat canned food, but due to the economy I have had to cut back my spending. It really sucks! It's been tough in show business one has any parts for a black cat! It's a tragedy i tell you!!!I did get some hits on my video, so thats good, but I ain't no YOUTUBE star yet!!!!!I noticed that Larry the cable Guy is doing some show on TV....Maybe I should write up a pilot and see where it lands......Now that Two & a Half men will be off the air, maybe there's some room at the network for me! Note: ******If any of you out there are thinking of getting a cat, go to your nearest animal rescue place and take one home! Your life will change forever and you will always have a friend.