Story- Patty The Black Cat Goes To Monte Carlo

Goes To Monte Carlo


Patty was bored at The Ranch. Life had become routine and boring and she longed for some adventure. She decided to take a trip somewhere far away.She boarded a plane and flew off to Monte Carlo. There was lovely tuna to eat on board along with a cold glass of milk.Patty fell asleep and when she awoke she was in Monte Carlo. There were many sights to see, like the Prince’s Palace where Grace Kelly had lived with Prince Rainier.One day she went to a private beach where naughty sunbathers bared all, all the beautiful people at La Voille Rouge.She lay under a white and orange striped umbrella and basked in the hot sun. Many French playboys tried to chat with her but Patty remained aloof. “Silly American Cat!” they all said, as patty hid behind her dark sunglasses.At night Patty went to the casino where men in tuxedos gambled money on blackjack tables and roulette.Patty felt like a movie star! She did not want to go back home to her routine life.But one day she found herself missing her soft and warm spot on the beaten up couch and her crackies in her favorite dish and her TV shows.Patty flew back home to the ranch and told all of her friends about her wonderful trip. Sometimes it’s good to get away and see how the other folks live but there’s nothing like home sweet home. 

Topic: Story- Patty The Black Cat Goes To Monte Carlo

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