Story - Patty The Black Cat TV Addict


Patty The Black Cat is addicted to her favorite TV shows. She likes to watch movies and reality shows and game shows and cartoons and cat commercials. (No kidding)

One day Scroungie Cat came over to play. “Hey, are you still watching TV?” said Scroungie Cat.

“Yes I am. I don’t intend to move off of my favorite comfy chair either.” said Patty…..”I’ve been here all week and haven’t missed a single thing. I live for reruns…”

“Well, I found a really long black snake out in the yard you might be interested in.” said Scroungie Cat

“But if I come out and play I will miss my shows!” whined Patty

“Alright, alright” said Scroungie Cat and slunk away.

So Patty continued to watch her shows until one day she woke up and realized she was missing out on all the fun cat stuff outside. She went out to see all of her friends, Scroungie Cat, Momar and Scairdy Cat.

“It’s about time you stopped watching all those shows.” Said Momar. “Meanwhile we have taken over the yard.”

Momar was up on the roof, Scairdy Cat was on top of the car and Scroungie Cat had taken over the garage.

“Guess I’ll be seeing more of you guys now that I am no longer addicted to the boob tube.” Said Patty wistfully.

“We’re proud of you Patty, now go and catch some lizards.”




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